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Broome artist branding

Broome artist branding 2

Meet the artists behind our CinefestOZ Broome branding!

Martha Lee

Martha is a Yawuru-Karajarri artist who uses strong pattern designs in her work. She likes to work with the distinctive colours of the Kimberley landscape and often creates work around the six Yawuru Seasons showing available bush tukka and seasonal weather changes.

MAGABALA (BUSH BANANA) – Martha has fond memories of picking magabala with her family. This nutritious fruit grows on a vine, coming into fruit in Mangala season. The flowers and leaves can also be eaten.

Marie Manado

Marie is a Yawuru-Ninamburr artist based in Broome. Marie’s artwork draws on the cultural knowledge that has been passed down to her from her elders, particularly her knowledge around bush foods and their medicinal properties and applications.

Eucalyptus trees are commonly found in the Kimberley. The walara are often used to create jewellery and the plant itself has many medicinal properties. In particular, for treating ‘cold sick’ when the leaves are crushed and brewed in water and used to steam your face, to help clear the sickness away. This plant also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and was used as a poultice to heal cuts and wounds and rub into sore joints.

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