Ticketing Information

Tickets are available now for CinefestOZ 2020 events and passes! Get in early to avoid disappointment as events will sell out.

How to Buy Tickets

There are two methods of purchasing tickets – via a Cinepass or single tickets.


The best way to fully immerse yourself in CinefestOZ is to purchase a Cinepass. There are a few options, covering all events and screenings or focusing on short film or industry sessions.

Platinum, Film Prize, Weekend, Mixed Bag and Multi Cinepasses are not available in 2020.

Please note that Cinepasses are valid for specific sessions and time periods. For more information visit the Buy Cinepasses page HERE

Single Tickets

To buy individual tickets to an event or film screening, search through the program to select one that appeals to you.  A film may be screened once or multiple times over the festival, and some screenings may have a function attached, so the prices, venues and event details will vary.

Where to Buy Tickets

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, tickets are currently only available online through the CinefestOZ website.

Online: through this website.

iPhone and Android app: download the free CinefestOZ App and carry CinefestOZ around in your pocket. Launched 31 July.

Ticket Prices

Events and Passes

Festival Cinepass

Short Film Cinepass

Online Short Film Cinepass

Premiere Events 

Short Film Events 

Short Film Awards

Industry Cinepass








The following booking fees apply:

$1.50 per $0.01-$20 transaction,
$2.50 per  $20.01-$60 transaction,
$3.50 per $60.01-$200 transaction,
$4.00 per $200+ transaction.

There are no fees for booking sessions onto a pass you have previously purchased.

Credit card fees apply.


If none of the below answers your query, please email [email protected]

How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect CinefestOZ 2020?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations, this year’s CinefestOZ may look a little different.  CinefestOZ will remain compliant with all restrictions, which may alter at any time before or during the festival.  We will keep audiences updated with any changes.

CinefestOZ is committed to the safety of its audience, staff, volunteers, partners and suppliers. For further information on measures we are taking, and what we are asking of audiences, please CLICK HERE.

We recommend booking your tickets or pass early to avoid disappointment, as capacities may be limited by government regulations.

How does a Cinepass work?

First, purchase the Cinepass from the CinefestOZ website here.  You will be emailed a receipt for the pass you’ve purchased which will contain your unique 7-digit pass code.

The pass will have events automatically added to it once you purchase – please check the Buy Cinepasses website page for the details of these sessions. 

If you have purchased a Festival Cinepass, you can add more sessions to your pass at no additional cost.  Browse the program for other events and general screenings of films you’d like to attend. Once you’ve chosen some sessions, make sure these are valid for the specific pass you’ve purchased. At the bottom of the event page, there is Code section below the pricing information.  Enter the 7-digit pass code into this box and click “Validate”.  You can then select a $0.00 value ticket to add to your pass. If you have two passes or more, repeat the process for all passes then click “Add to Cart”. Continue for other events and screenings you’ve selected. Click on “Checkout” to finalise your bookings. Hint: If you are logged into your account while browsing then your pass numbers will automatically appear in the pricing section.

The Festival Cinepasses are physical (hard) passes with a barcode which stores all of the selected sessions. This will be provided to you during Festival week. Please bring this hard pass with you to all events and screenings for scanning on entry. You will not receive an email with tickets to be printed for each session.

How can I watch On Demand or Live Streamed content?

You can purchase and watch On Demand and Live Streamed events and screenings through your ticketing account.  All short films will be available to watch on demand by purchasing the Online Short Film Cinepass.  The CinefestOZ Industry Program will be live streamed for those who can’t attend in person – purchase an Industry Cinepass to participate.

Please note that online content is geo-blocked to Australia.

For further information and streaming FAQs, CLICK HERE.

How do I book single tickets?

On the CinefestOZ website you can browse sessions based on your preferences, such as for date, venue, event type, content, country of origin or keyword. Use the drop-down checkboxes to simplify your search or click on the buttons at the top to filter for specific interests such as Comedy, Family-friendly or Community Screenings.  

Make sure you have cleared any previous searches first!  This can be done by clicking on the black X in a circle below the Keyword field, to remove the filter. In the below example, clicking on the X in the circle will remove the Comedy filter and all events and screenings will then appear below.

You can also filter for more than one criteria, for example selecting both “Comedy” and “Margaret River Augusta” will bring up only comedy sessions in the Margaret River Augusta region.

Click on the image of the event or screening that interests you, and you’ll then be taken to an information page for details on the film or event, venue and prices.

Selecting Tickets

On the session page select a date and time from the options for that film.  You can choose between the options by clicking on the date and venue above the pricing, or the date and time below the social media icons on the right hand side of the page. 

Select the quantity of tickets you’d like for each type of ticket.  There may be Adult, Concession and Child prices for a screening.  Click on “Add to Cart”.  Follow the prompts in the pop-up box to purchase immediately or continue to browse for other tickets.  Once you have selected all of the screenings and events you’d like to purchase, click on the Cart (shopping trolley) icon at the top right of the page to purchase.

Completing the purchase

You will have to sign in or set up a new account to buy tickets. Your log-in and password will be the same as previous years.  If you’ve forgotten your account details, click on the Account (person) icon at the top right of the CinefestOZ website and follow the prompts given for either a forgotten log-in or a lost password.  If you are setting one up for the first time, keep your account details handy so that you can log in and purchase new tickets, reprint or exchange tickets at a later time.

On the Secure Checkout page make sure you check the “Booking Items” list on the right-hand side.  You can make changes to your cart by clicking on “View/Edit your Cart” below this list.  Complete the payment information and click on “Confirm Booking”.  You can see whether the transaction was successful on the next screen.

Your tickets and receipt will be emailed to you within 15 minutes of purchasing.

When do I receive my tickets?

If you have purchased single tickets, your tickets will be automatically emailed to you after your online transaction. The tickets contain a barcode that will be scanned on entry to the session, so please show your tickets on your phone or in hard copy at the venue.

I’ve purchased tickets online but have not received them in my email inbox.

This is an automated process so although the tickets should be sent to you immediately after purchase, this can sometimes take a few minutes. Please allow 30 minutes and be sure to check your junk mail folders.  The email will be sent from our ticketing provider Ferve Tickets – [email protected]

If you have not received your tickets after these checks please log into your ticketing account by clicking on the Account (person) icon at the top right of the website.  Your booked sessions can be viewed and printed here.  If you are experiencing issues please email [email protected] for assistance.

I’ve lost my tickets and deleted the email.

Please log into your account to re-print your tickets.

I would like to go to a film screening that has a function attached but I don’t want to go to the function – can I just pay to go to the film?

Unfortunately, no. The screenings with functions pre-film or post-film are for premieres and the film and function are part of the same ticket.  Please check the program after 31 July for other screening times for that film.


Most of our venues are wheelchair accessible, with accessible parking, access and toilets. Please email [email protected] to discuss the venue and session you would like to attend and our team will assist however possible.

How early should I arrive for a film screening?

There is no allocated seating at our venues so if you would like to select your own seats, particularly for busy screenings, we recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the screening start time printed on your ticket. Please be aware that for some screenings there may be queues to gain entry to a cinema.

The bar and kiosk at the Margaret River HEART will be open from 1 hour prior to the start time of every event and screening.

Why can’t I purchase tickets for some events listed as Standby?

Tickets for these sessions are not currently available, although some may be released at a later date. If you would like to be put on a waitlist for a screening or event listing Standby tickets please fill in the waitlist form on the event website page.  There is no guarantee that tickets will become available or that any further tickets released can be allocated to all patrons on a waitlist.

What age is a child ticket?

12 and under (as per standard cinema tickets).

Is there a student price?

Yes, this is the same as the concession ticket for a general screening – a valid student or concession card must be shown at the time of purchase or presented on entry if requested.

Why are some of the tickets more expensive than a normal cinema ticket?

As a local not-for-profit organisation, it costs us a lot more to bring premieres and French films to the southwest, as opposed to the general release of a film across Australia. Many of the films will not be shown in general release and have been sourced specially for CinefestOZ.

My friend and I purchased tickets separately to the same film – can we sit together?

There s no allocated seating at any screenings. Some films are screened in multiple cinemas at the same time so please check the cinema number that is shown on your ticket. If your friend’s ticket is also for the same cinema then we recommend you arrive early to select your own seats. To make sure you both purchase tickets for the same cinema it’s best to book at the same time.

Please also be mindful that due to COVID-19 regulations, some seats in the venues may be unavailable.

I accidentally booked for the wrong session, can I exchange tickets?

We recommend checking your sessions are correct before purchasing, however we understand that circumstances do change.  All single tickets can be exchanged (subject to availability) for the equal dollar amount before the session start time. Exchanges are not permitted for a session that has already commenced or has passed.  No refunds will be provided if a session is exchanged for another of lower ticket price.

Log into your ticketing account, select “Bookings” from the left-hand side. Select the session you’d like to exchange, by clicking on the three lines at the right of that booking. Click on “Exchange Tickets”, check the details of the session and select “Exchange”.  Choose the new session and add this to your cart, then Check Out to complete the exchange and pay any difference in price.  Your new tickets will be emailed to you, and the ticket you’ve exchanged will become void and entry will not be permitted via barcode scanning.

How do I cancel a session booked onto a pass?

Sessions may be cancelled or exchanged online (subject to availability) before the session start time.  Log into your account, and in the Passes section if you have more than one pass select the specific pass by checking the box next to it. Click on “View/Exchange Sessions”, and select the session you’d like to cancel or exchange and click “Exchange Sessions”.  When the box appears, make sure the details are correct and then select “Exchange”. Continue with the check out process and the session/s will be removed from your pass.

Why does CinefestOZ charge booking fees?

As a not-for-profit festival CinefestOZ aims to keep all costs down but we need to cover our administration expenses.  We charge a minimal booking fee on each transaction (not on each ticket).  This is used to pay for a small part of the cost of our ticketing system, which provides many benefits such as 24-hour purchasing, a free iPhone and Android app and specialised film festival ticketing services.  We have chosen to charge a booking fee rather than increase the price of all tickets to cover this cost.  We will continue to ensure this fee is kept to a minimum and we recommend that, where possible, tickets are purchased in one transaction or as a discounted pass to limit the booking fees paid.

Ticketing Terms and Conditions

In addition to the above FAQs, further information on conditions of entry can be found in our Ticketing Terms and Conditions.