Saturday is sure to be another exciting day for CinefestOZ 2019, with another set of exciting events, more premiere screenings, and the presentation of the CinefestOZ Screen Legend and Film Prize in the evening. Add to that even more film showings and ongoing free community screenings, so no matter your personal interests there’ll be something exciting to take part in today.

One of the first industry events today is The Women in Film & TV Western Australia networking breakfast, at 8:45am in Busselton, at the Weld Theatre. This is an annual breakfast where guests can enjoy coffee, croissants, and company, as well as hear about the organisation’s exciting plans for 2019. Further information can be found here.

Another exciting event taking place today at 12:00pm, again at Busselton’s Weld Theatre, is a presentation hosted by the Australian Cinematographers’ Society and ARRI Australia: “Moving Pictures: Filmmakers and the Art of Cinematography.” This screening will be followed by a networking lunch, and feature a compilation of intimate, insightful conversation with some of the greatest filmmakers of our time, exploring the art of the moving image. It is sure to be an unmissable event for anyone passionate about film, and is available through purchasing an industry pass, which can be found (along with additional information) here.

Saturday is another day packed full of film premieres, once more with filmmakers and cast members in attendance.

At 9:30am, at Orana Cinemas in Busselton, MIFF@CinefestOZ Buoyancy makes its CinefestOZ 2019 premiere. A gripping and emotional drama, Buoyancy tells the story of 14-year-old Cambodian boy, Chakra, who, along with his new friend Kea, end up sold to a fishing captain as slaves. The conditions are brutal and the weak or rebellious slaves dealt with harshly, and so with his hope and humanity dwindling, Chakra decides to do all he can to escape his entrapment alive. A filmmaker Q&A will follow the screening of this tense and emotional film, with further information and tickets available from this link.

At 10:00am, the family-friendly MIFF@CinefestOZ H For Happiness makes its CinefestOZ premiere at Busselton’s Orana Cinemas. H For Happiness is a feel-good, emotionally charged film about a 12-year-old girl’s determination to bring her family back from the brink and spark happiness in their lives once more. All tickets sold for this screening will provide amazing value, as this very special event includes an opening red carpet event, the opportunity to watch the filmmakers and stars support the film and chat to the media, and then after the film, participate in a Q&A and have the option to attend a post-screening celebration at the Festival Hub. Tickets and more information can be found here.

Emu Runner has its festival premiere screening today at 12:00pm in Busselton. Focusing on the impact a mother’s death has on an Indigenous family living in an isolated Australian community, Emu Runner is an emotional and captivating new Australian film from director Imogen Thomas, who will take part in a filmmaker Q&A with the audience after the screening. Tickets and additional information about the film can be found by going to this link.

Vai makes its festival debut at 12:15pm in Busselton today. The film pieces together eight connecting moments of seemingly different lives, telling a complex yet relatable story about family, culture, and isolation. Shot over seven pacific countries, and with a different Indigenous actress in the lead role within each location, the film delicately explores growth, adaptation, and what it truly means to belong and feel at home. This special screening will feature a filmmaker Q&A afterwards, and tickets can be purchased here.

Saturday’s festival premieres continue into the afternoon with a premiere screening of Standing Up For Sunny taking place in Busselton at 2:30. Following Travis, a young man with cerebral palsy who falls for both Sunny, a young comedienne, and the art of stand-up comedy itself. Standing Up For Sunny is sure to be a heart-warming and funny crowd-pleaser for any festivalgoer. A filmmaker Q&A will follow the screening, with further information and a link to buy tickets available here.

The final festival premiere for the day is Suzi Q, showing at Margaret River HEART, 6:00pm. This brand new documentary tells the story of trailblazing rock chick Suzi Quatro, an influential and powerful figure who changed the perception of women’s roles in rock’n’roll music. There will be both filmmakers and VIP guests at a welcome reception prior to the screening, and a filmmaker Q&A to follow. Tickets include a welcome drink plus some tasty treats, and can be found along with additional information about the film at this link.

Finally, CinefestOZ is hosting its big gala night at 5:30pm today, at the Orana Cinema in Busselton. This Gala Night year after year reliably offers all the glamour, drama, and spectacle festivalgoers could ask for. Finalist filmmakers will be in attendance, along with many VIP guests plus audiences to witness the awarding of the highly coveted $100,000 CinefestOZ Film Prize in competition at the festival. A detailed rundown of all the night’s events- including the showcase of short films that will premiere as part of the Gala Night- as well as a link to buy tickets can be found here.