Official Selection Submission

Open to all feature film including documentary, drama and new film mediums. Please see the terms and conditions for further information.

Submissions are now open for the 2024 festival.

A host of activities are on offer throughout the festival, including a wide and diverse range of Australian and French feature screenings on the big screen or at Film Set venues.

From Australian independent features to family flicks and overseas co-productions, CinefestOZ Film Festival brings the best of new cinema to our audiences.

Filmmakers willing to have their film a part of Australia’s premiere destination festival,  can submit their Australian or Australian co-production film for consideration to screen as an Official Selection.

CinefestOZ is now also taking submissions for music videos, mini-series, web and online series and TV pilots in this category, alongside VR/AR and feature length films and documentaries.

IndigifestOZ is our special platform for celebrating our deadly creative Indigenous film makers.

Our festival proudly supports all the work of the Indigenous Screen Community and we seek to make a real contribution by championing Indigenous creative work to a wide Australian audience.

For a film to be recognised under the IndigifestOZ banner, it must have a minimum of a writer and director who identify as Indigenous.  (Full details of the conditions for films to be eligible under the IndigifestOZ banner are defined in our terms and conditions.)

Other Australian films that feature Indigenous themes, Indigenous cast and creatives, but do not meet the IndigifestOZ criteria are very welcome and encouraged to submit for exhibition in other CinefestOZ categories.

Note on VR/AR/XR : CinefestOZ encourages Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality filmmaking.

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