Allegra Teo


(She/ Her)

Allegra made her feature film debut playing, Violet, a troubled teenager, in Pieces (Martin Wilson) which is due for release in 2022. Allegra plays Mila, a popular junior high student, in the US web series, What We See (James Bogle 2020). Trunk Travelers was Allegra’s first US pilot which was filmed in 2019 playing the popular best friend, Gina. Allegra has always had a passion for the performing arts, whether that be acting on stage or screen, singing, or playing a musical instrument. Allegra is a dedicated and hardworking young actor who takes direction well. She commenced training from a young age and attends weekly acting and accent classes. Whilst living in Paris from 2015 to late 2016, Allegra was involved in many productions for stage, vocal and musical productions. Allegra speaks basic French. She also enjoys Singing, Piano, Guitar and horse riding. Allegra is based in Perth, Western Australia. Accents: Standard American and British Representation: Breakthrough Management & Production; and Actors Management International