Cathy Henkel



Cathy Henkel is Director of the WA Screen Academy at Edith Cowan University. She worked as a documentary producer/director and writer for over 30 years and is founding director of Virgo Productions. Her work is focused on inspiring, positive, global stories with cross-platform delivery, engaging audiences through cinema, television, online and education platforms. Cathy’s credits include The Burning Season (ABC, BBC, CBC, PBS, National Geographic, IF Award for Best Documentary 2008, nominated for an Emmy), I told you I was ill: Spike Milligan (ABC, BBC1, RTE) and The Man who Stole my Mother’s Face (Broadcast in 26 countries, IF Award and Tribeca Film Festival Award for Best Feature Documentary 2004). She has won numerous other awards including SPA Documentary Producer of the Year (2009), an ACS Award, an Emmy, AFI, ADG and SPA nominations. Cathy’s latest film, Laura’s Choice, co-directed with Sam Lara, won the inaugural WA Screen Culture Innovation in Feature Documentary Award (2021). It was broadcast on ABCTV in March 2021 and is currently on iView.