Olivia Nardini

Actor | Swimming for Gold

Olivia Nardini stars alongside Peyton List and Lauren Esposito, in the Australian Disney feature film Swimming for Gold, playing the zany and upbeat role of Annabelle Shumpert. In the Australian drama television series, The Heights (ABC/Matchbox) she plays a privileged teenager. Olivia plays young drug addict Emily, in the edgy feature Skeleton Girls: A Kidnapped Society. In the award-winning short film His Father’s Son, Olivia plays Lucy, a young teen falling in love, a stark contrast to her role as Gigi in Sugarbabies, a wild child in search of a Sugardaddy. Olivia graduated from JCCA, a specialist drama school, and continues accent and acting training. Olivia is an Australian actor and voice-over artist based in Perth, Western Australia.