Mitchell Tomlinson

Writer | Director | Producer | On the Way

Growing up in the hills of Perth, Mitchell Tomlinson is an emerging

director with a Bachelors in Communications and Media and majors in Film

and English Literature. After finishing university, Mitch realised he

knew nothing. Starting from the basics of assisting on small crews on

corporate shoots, to reality tv shows, touring tv shows, to short films,

then working for free for a month on an amateur feature film in the

lighting department, to eventually purchasing his own camera equipment

and beginning to shoot small projects. Mitch began to discover that

knowledge was best learnt through experience. Creating stories and

worlds has always been a fascination of Mitch’s, psychological

surrealism rearing its ugly head far too often as his earlier

inspirations of David Lynch and Ingmar Bergman led him towards these

strange planes. A firm believer in just getting up and doing, Mitch

self-funded his first short film, much to his financial and mental

health’s demise. Now, Mitch finds inspiration in his day-to-day life,

the people that surround him and his hometown. Place is inextricably

linked with the stories he tells. Delving into film photography,

experiments and shooting music videos, Mitch looks to hone his video and

literacy craft as he continues to try and get projects up while not

running himself bankrupt.