CinefestOZ Albany 2024 comes to an end!

In a whirlwind of creativity and community spirit, CinefestOZ Albany 2024 illuminated the heart of regional Western Australia with a vibrant showcase of Australian stories. From captivating tales of love and laughter to poignant explorations of history and culture, the festival left audiences moved, empowered and eager for more.

The festival welcomed an array of special guests and filmmakers, including Jolyon Hoff, Jordan Prince-Wright, Jub Clerc, and Della Rae Morrison. Their presence enriched the festival experience through insightful Q+A sessions and engaging discussions.

At the core of the festival program was a dedication to showcasing Australian stories and spotlighting local talent. From the epic WW1, Before Dawn, Directed and Produced by Jordan Prince-Wright, to the uproarious French comedy Wilderness Therapy, audiences were treated to a diverse array of film experiences. Saturday night saw the premiere screening of surfing film You Should Have Been Here Yesterday, a love letter to the golden age of surfing, which left audiences buzzing with nostalgia. The Meet the Filmmaker In Conversation Breakfast gave audience members insight into filming regionally and the joys of telling Australian stories, which we hope with encourage those in the audience to continue to support locally made stories and inspire the next generation of filmmakers. CinefestOZ Albany 2024

CinefestOZ didn’t just stop at screening films and hosting Q+A’s – the festival proudly engaged over 1,000 students from the Great Southern region, allowing students to further develop their storytelling skills and explore filmmaking roles with industry professionals. Students engaged with filmmakers including Kelton Pell and Jub Clerc, who held post-screening Q+A’s with eager students who were armed with thought-provoking questions. Visiting actress Della Rae Morrison gave students insight into acting on the big screening, showcasing some of her work to the groups, including snippets from locally made Lockie Leonard!

With a range of free activities and events, CinefestOZ Albany had something for everyone. The festival actively engaged with the local community through free screenings of local stories by local filmmakers including the Cinesnaps Student Short Film Finalists, Voice Prints and Creative Albany Short Film competition ‘Sunday’s in Albany.’

The celebration of culture at Deadly Kinjarling was a highlight of the festival. Audiences were treated to delicious food and incredible entertainment. Bilyabeats performed some incredible tunes, which was accompanied by performances by dance groups, The Djidi Djidi’s and Mooditch Nop Dance Troop. These young performers had an incredible showcase of talent and were the talk of the event!

From the incredible turnout at Deadly Kinjarling event, to the energetic atmosphere of the schools program, CinefestOZ Albany created countless memorable moments that will linger in the minds of attendees for years to come.

The festival buzzed with energy, from the enthusiastic questions of young attendees to the smiling faces and thoughtful feedback from audiences. It was a celebration of creativity, community, and the power of storytelling.

As we reflect on the success of CinefestOZ Albany 2024, we look forward to future editions filled with even more incredible films, celebrations of Australian culture, and opportunities to showcase local talent!

Thank you to our incredible volunteers for their hard work and dedication and to our suppliers and venues for allowing us to present this incredible festival. 

We’d like to extend an enormous thank you to our sponsors, our Presenting Partner The City of Albany, Partner’s Screenwest and Screen Australia, and Regional Partners Albany Town Hall, Banksia Quality Apartments, Eve Late Night Bar, Great Southern Development Commission, Hilton Garden Inn, Museum of Great Southern, Orana Cinemas, Southern Ports and The Lake House Denmark.