Cinesnaps Short Film Competition Winners

2023 Winners

Year 10-12 Winner

Joshua Yates and Seth Weadley (Margaret River Senior High School) with The Switch

Year 10 -12 Runner-up

Aysiah Uren, Jordan Lay, Nell Davenport and Dieter Spurgeon (Cape Naturaliste College) with Switched

Year 7-9 Winners 

Maxwell Cruse, Finn Thomas, Thomas North & Menari Deegan with The Switcher

Year 7-9 Runner-up 

Edward Baker with  Noah’s Banana Boat

Other Finalists

Callum Synnot with Butchers Track
Kobe Thomas, Ethan Tomlinson, Jonathan Barry & Yuuta Sumitomo with Fake Friends
Chloe Francis with One Lucky Citizen
Colin Ferreira with Reality’s Edge

Cinesnaps Winners 1

Winner Yr 10-12 Joshua Yates and Seth Weadley, with MahVeen Shahraki (Jury), Ron Mutambiranwa (Rio Tinto), Myles Pollard (Jury Chair) and Eddie Baroo (Jury) 

Cinesnaps Winners 2

Runner Ups Yr 10-12  Aysiah Uren, Nell Davenport, Jordan Lay and Dieter Spurgeon with Ron Mutambiranwa (Rio Tinto).

2022 Winners

Year 10-12 Winner

Henry Baker (Great Southern Grammar) with Lemon and the Pelicans

Year 10 -12 Runner-up

Joshua Yates, Seth Weadley and Asher Muir (Margaret River Senior High School) with Alone

Year 7-9 Winner

Colin Ferreira with Mars… Maybe Not

Year 7-9 Runner-up  

Edward Baker, Maxwell Cruse and Thomas North with  W_FILES

Other Finalists

Cooper Williams with Aversion

Declan Fahie with The Comical Conquests of Captain Cardboard

Ava Evans, Matilda Cole, Katelyn Bunn, Madi Macartney, Emily Erdmann, and Sophie Anderson with Ruminate


2021 Winners

Year 10-12 Winner

Aiden Gillett and Jake Holland with their film Treasure Heist

Year 10-12 Runner-up

Josh Clark with his film One Man’s Trash

Year 7-9 Winner 

Jorja Plant, Chloe Basten, Brooklyn Kiddie, Ty Guretti, Liam Thomas and Neve Mullinger with their short film Treasure

Year 7-9 Runner-up 

Jordyn Brown and Kaila Byrne with their film My Treasure

Other Finalists

Henry Baker and Edward Baker with Pillow Dude and the unexpected weird attack of Mr Bellybutton Fluff 
Julia Spencer, Darcy Eagles with The Meaning of Treasure 
Ella Demarchi with  Sincerely H  


Cinesnaps Winners 3

2020 Winners


Poppy Treloar (Georgiana Molloy Anglican School) with Sandbox


James Kenworthy and Cooper Warwick with The Decoy

Other Finalists

Suitcase Story

A Suitcase Story

Lost and Found

In Case


2019 Winners


James Kenworthy & Cooper Warrick, from Cape Naturaliste College, for their film 5 Minute Story


Skye Allen and Kaila Walz for their film The Watch

Other Finalist


One in a Billion


Late or Early

The Watch

2018 Winners


James Kenworthy & Cooper Warwick, from Cape Naturaliste College, for their film Gateway 


Jaxon D’Ath, from Manea Senior College, for his film Mirror Dimension

Other Finalists:




Critical Reflection