A Grass Roots Approach

CinefestOZ is passionate about maintaining a strong community focus which was ignited through the establishment of the Community Program in 2008. The Community Program originated from free film screenings and a volunteer program as a tangible way to retain a grass roots approach and connect with the growing community in the South West and regional Western Australia.

The Community Program has grown and developed over the festival’s history but its core objective remains true today: To deliver long-term social impacts to CinefestOZ communities and lasting benefits to regional Western Australia through film and media.

The Community Program provides a way to connect people, promote the importance of inclusion and diversity, and improve cross-cultural and inter-generational understanding.

Education And Community 1
Education And Community 2

Cinesnaps Schools Program – There are limited opportunities for people living in regional WA to get involved in and benefit from the screen industry, particularly those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. Launched to expand long-term impacts for regional students through film Cinesnaps is now the largest schools program to be held at any film festival in Australia.                                     


Education And Community 3

IndigifestOZ – Film unites like no other. Film and on-screen storytelling is an important tool for improving community connectivity and wellbeing. Film provides a crucial outlet for sharing lesser-known stories, raising awareness of marginalised issues, and helping to connect communities through mutual understanding. It is entrenched in reconciliation, empowering people to share stories freely without fear of prejudice, providing a powerful mechanism for understanding past wrongs, and offering truth, justice, healing and hope.

Cinesnaps Grand Final

Cinesnaps Short Film Competition – Annual competition to encourage aspiring young filmmakers, Youtubers and TikTokers to create short films. Finalists receive feedback from a high-profile, Australian screen industry panel at a red carpet Grand Finale event.      

Education And Community 4

CineOnline – Specifically curated online content available for educational groups, schools and aspiring filmmakers and content creators, allowing students in regional and remote locations in Western Australia to have access to fantastic film resources and masterclasses!