Jodie Bell

Producer | CinefestOZ Indigenous Film Manager                                             

Jodie is a First Nations descendant of Butchella and Jagera people of Southeast Queensland and is CEO and head Producer for Ramu Productions, a community-owned Production company in Broome, WA. Jodie has produced a number of productions including short films “Telling Our Story”, “In the Air”, the WASA nominated “Maap Mordak”, “Fishing”, “Yulleroo”, “Doug the Human”, “First Time Home”, the Award winning short documentaries “Naji”, “Marrimarrigun” and “Saving Seagrass”, as well as the well-received documentary series, “Characters of Broome” and the “Riiiji Carver” for NITV. Jodie was Co-producer on the CinefestOZ 2015 film of the year, feature documentary “Putuparri and the Rainmakers” and in 2019 she joined the CinefestOZ team as the Indigenous Film Manager. Jodie is currently in various stages of development on a number of projects including a documentary series, a feature film and a television series.